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Albedis is an executive and specialist recruitment firm.

The recruitment and assessment process depends in large part on the client's situation and expectations. A preliminary analysis of the client's needs lets us determine the ideal solution: direct approach (headhunting), advertisements (print and/or online) or searching our network and database. In practice, a combination of these solutions allows us to select candidates who best meet our client's expectations.

Finding candidates who will be an ideal fit for company requires a thorough understanding of the situation: the company culture and its style of communication, strategy for growth and working methods, etc. Our consultants will get to know you better so that they can introduce your company to the candidates who are likely to be interested in joining you.

Applications are processed in strict compliance with current legal requirements. Albedis sets very high standards for ethics and excellence.

Expert consultants

Whether your firm is a multinational, an SME, a state-owned company or an international organisation, our consultants target their recruitment, selection and consulting activities to your specific sector. Their experience in your field is crucial: it allows our consultants to quickly understand the specific issues you face and to meet your expectations in an optimal way.

Thanks to their strong commitment and people skills, our consultants develop close relationships with our client companies and candidates. They are dedicated to each individual's well-being and success.

With our consultants' industry expertise and their willingness to listen, you can count on a successful recruitment process.

Meet the team
Anita Mondelli-Omlin
Anne-Sophie Brochard-Loiseau
Chris Rummel
Clémence Knigge
Jovan Kostic
Julian Tavares
Lukas Steiner
Paolo Nocco
Raoul Brugger
Sabrina Incardona
Philipp Lehmann
Diana Sauerbrei
Felipe Rodriguez
Azir Spahiu
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Our areas of specialisation




Our Values


We offer you a tailor-made service and support you every step of the way in your professional development.


Our consultants are experts in your industry and in HR issues. They are deeply familiar with your area of business, they know the Swiss market, and they put people front and centre.


Do you have high standards? So do we. We'll introduce you to high-calibre candidates and offer challenges that match your aspirations.

Our services


Using the best tools on the market, we are able to assess a candidate's suitability for a particular role as well as their ability to grow into a management position.

Evaluation Centre. Team Assessment, Succession Planning, Capacity Review, Leadership Development.

The advantages for you

  • A qualitative evaluation of the candidates' potential and personality
  • Reliable scientific data

HR consulting

Thanks to our consultants' diverse skills, we can offer you a wide range of services to improve your employees' performance, including personnel management, improving HR processes, implementing compensation strategies and analysing proposed employee benefits.

The advantages for you

  • Solutions to any HR problems
  • Customised services

On-site & RPO

We will send a dedicated team to your site. Our consultants will handle all or part of the personnel management process, from the hiring interview to the employee's departure from the company.

The advantages for you

  • Choose from a wide range of on-site services
  • Optimised coordination
  • Tailor-made solutions in keeping with your company's strategy and needs

Candidate search and screening

Recruiting permanent staff is a long-term solution that will allow your company to continue to grow. Take advantage of our recruiting experience, our industry-specific expertise, and our network of experts to find your future team members.

We recruit and select managers, senior executives, board members and various specialists.

The advantages for you

  • Candidate search, assessment and selection in one easy process
  • Access to a large database of qualified candidates
  • Support from consultants who are experts in your industry

Candidate search and screening

Our teams are able to assist you during the internal screening, internal evaluation or internal promotion process.

The advantages for you

  • Well-honed processes
  • Consultants with experience in these kinds of screening processes and situations
  • Support from consultants who are experts in your industry

Interiman Group services

Albedis is a leading company in the Interiman Group that specialises in permanent and temporary recruitment, training, HR outsourcing, outplacement and consulting in Switzerland.

Collaborating with a leading human resources group offers many synergies and advantages. We pool our skills and strengths to ensure your company's success. If you have a need that falls outside of Albedis' range of services, we will direct you to an affiliate that specialises in the field in question.

Interiman Group
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